Service categories

The GUIDed project works on the creation of services in several categories, all of which aim at making important services truly easy and intuitive to use.
The planned services from the first phases of the project are described below.
The HiFi paper prototypes of GUIDed’s HCI were finalised for end user evaluation in November 2020.

Smart communication service
The social communication service aims at offering a sense of real-life physical presence between the older adult and the communicating family member, healthcare provider or friend, avoiding thus social isolation and loneliness. Using the service, older adults can keep in contact with family and friends while engaging in everyday activities.

Smart home service
This service aims at making the management of smart home technology easier for the older adult. When the camera on a smart device is pointed towards (for example) a light the controls are loaded and the end user may turn the light off or on.

Smart health service
This service aims at providing an augmented experience to support the older adult and assist her/him in the process of taking the medication at the right time. It will offer the capability to retrieve simple information about the medication she/he should take (what and when). Moreover, the service provides reminders to the user when it is time to take the medication.

Smart navigation service
This service aims at offering an augmented experience by providing directions in a more “natural” way, complementing the “traditional” Google maps’ directions view.

Smart safety system
This service aims at increasing the safety by connectivity with caregivers. The safety service will show the status of the smart home sensors and notify the end user and the related secondary users if, for example, smoke is detected.