Agecare (Cyprus) Ltd – Materia Group

Materia Group is a private sector end-user organisation providing a wide range of care, nursing and rehabilitation services to older adults in Cyprus. The management and operations teams are based on a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, aiming to provide the best possible services for older adults and their families. The Group’s mission is to offer an integrated framework of quality care services through the continuous improvement of its existing services and the addition of new ones.

The Group has a growing research department specialising in EU funded projects related to assistive and ICT technologies with the purpose of improving the living conditions and wellbeing of older adults. To this day, it has been involved in several EU projects in the following areas:

  • Project coordination, user requirements and co-design methodologies
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Protocol, planning and implementation of trial/pilot phase
  • Creating and implementing the evaluation framework
  • Dissemination and networking

In GUIDed, Materia is responsible for coordinating the project (along with the technical coordinator) while also being an end-user organisation responsible for testing the technologies in the pilot/trial phases.

More information about the Materia Group can be found at

Contact person

Name: Marina Polycarpou
Phone: +357-22573577

University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus (UCY) participates in GUIDed via the Software Engineering and Internet Technologies (SEIT) Laboratory, an integral part of the Department of Computer Science of the University. SEIT focuses its research activities on two areas of information technology: software engineering and internet technologies. SEIT has coordinated and participated actively in more than 30 EU projects.

In relation to the GUIDed project area, SEIT has participated in various EU projects such as MUSIC (FP6), AsTeRICS (FP7) and Prosperity4All (FP7), which involved the R&D of modular middleware platforms for the development of personalised, self-adaptive applications and assistive technology (AT) applications for people with disabilities. Also, SEIT was involved in the Connected Vitality Network (CVN) project that developed a social telepresence platform, enabling immobile senior citizens to organise their social network and choose the activity and select levels of social interaction according to their individual needs, abilities and chosen lifestyle. CVN is one of the AAL projects Success Stories. UCY has a technical role in GUIDed, mainly being responsible for the smart platform development and platform integration.

More information about the University of Cyprus can be found at

Contact persons

Name: Professor George A. Papadpoulos (main contact)
Phone: +357-22892693

Name: Dr. Christos Mettouris (secondary contact)
Phone: +357-22892684

Name: Dr. Alexandros Yeratziotis (secondary contact)
Phone: +357-22892684

Frederick Research Center

Frederick Research Center (FRC) is a leading research non-profit organisation in Cyprus. It was established in 1997 in order to create a solid foundation for the development of scientific research activities of Cypriot and foreign scientists. FRC engages qualified staff with experience in implementing high caliber research and with rich publications record in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Several R&D projects (>80 funded national and EU projects) have been carried out through FRC and part of their results has been presented in international scientific conferences, contributing to their dissemination and technology transfer.

In the GUIDed project, FRC participates via the Mobile Devices Laboratory (MDL): MDL undertakes R&D in web-based and mobile computing and data management systems using Cloud as the enabling technology, as well as augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AR/VR). In the project the MDL laboratory is responsible for the research and development activities related to the augmented and virtual reality functionalities of the GUIDed services. Relevant AR/VR projects include the ENTER-CY and ARShooter Wars nationally funded projects, as well as the development of the 360⁰ Video Mobile Viewer Android application.

More information about the Frederick Research Center can be found at

Contact person

Name: Achilleas Achilleos
Phone: +357-22394394 (Ext. 46143)