Harpo Sp. z o. o.

Harpo is a Polish SME and a recognised research Centre for assistive technology. Since 1997 Harpo has completed more than 20 R&D projects financed by the Polish science and R&D agencies as well as European Commission. Most of these projects concluded with new products produced by Harpo, some of them distributed worldwide. At present Harpo is a leader on the market of electronic and computer equipment for the disabled people in Poland and an important player on international markets.

Within national and international research projects, Harpo cooperates tightly with associations of the disabled, research organisations and academia. This allows to integrate consumer needs at the stage of designing, developing, testing and bringing novel solutions into the market. Harpo’s experts on users’ special needs experienced in user tests and software engineers, having extensive, more than 10 years’ experience and proficiency in Windows, Android and iOS platforms programming and user
interfaces developing, performing important roles as assistive technology (AT) developers in several national and international R&D projects, will be involved in the project activities.

The key role of Harpo in the GUIDed project is near hardware and platform development, business plan and limited end-user role.

More information about Harpo can be found at harpo.com.pl.

Contact persons

Name: Dr. Joanna Starosta
E-mail: jstarosta@harpo.com.pl
Phone: +48-61 8531425

Name: MSc. Jarosław Urbański
E-mail: jurbanski@harpo.com.pl
Phone: +48-61 8531425