Karde AS

Karde develops ICT services and products, and works on issues that support the independence and well-being of the elderly and people with dementia and intellectual disabilities. For people with dementia, through a series of innovation projects, Karde has developed a life management assistant
called Memas. Memas in based on work in the Mylife project which is on of the AAL Success Stories. Memas helps with time orientation and stimulates cognitive residual ability.

For people with intellectual disabilities, Karde has worked closely with the target group on a series of e-learning applications for many of the challenges of daily life such as hygiene, healthy diet, activity, use of digital services etc.

Karde is an innovation company and participates, is a project owner and project manager in several national and international projects.

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Contact person

Name: Terje Grimstad
Phone: +47-908 44 023