Objectives and impacts

GUIDed objectives

  1. Keeping older adults independent and functioning in their own homes for as long as possible.
  2. Facilitating important everyday life activities.
  3. Provide an affordable, adaptable and accessible solution.
  4. Include tutoring services to tackle technophobia and promote usability.
  5. Apply continuous user-centered design methodology.
  6. Provide for extendability and integratability with new features in the future.

GUIDed impacts

Stereotype masking

  • Five main services stated as “needed” by older adults
  • Ability to integrate more
  • Many customisation options
  • Budget friendly


  • Intuitive operation (through AR)
  • Ready help when needed (Built-in AR assistant)
  • Helpdesk (to be integrated)
  • Live training courses (if needed)
 5 GUIDed services on mobile screens.
An overview of the five GUIDed services in the prototyping phase.