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GUIDed was an AAL research and development project that aims to develop ICT services for older adults.
These would make the using of existing tecnology solutions for older end-user more relevant and easier to use. In addition, training solutions that utilised methods of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality, were developed.

The GUIDed system was designed and implemented respecting the special needs and constraints of older adults to avoid technology abandonment, address technophobia, enable ease of use of the services and promote active and independent living. The GUIDed project developed and integrateed multiple services. The final list was based on a co-design and co-creation approach with the end-users.

Moreover, the project aimed to enrich the current ICT market with a user friendly solution incorporating an Augmented Reality Training Expert that can assist the end-users.

Screenshots of TRhe GUIDed app prototype and photo of exhibition with GUIDed equipment
Screenshots of the GUIDed app prototype (left and right). Middle: GUIDed equipment presented at a technology exhibition.

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