Personas and scenarios

In this section, we present examples of personas and scenarios that have been created in the GUIDed project. The purpose of these is to inform and inspire the project team in the development of the GUIDed services.

Personas are fictional characters, which are typically created to represent the different end-users who might be potential users or customers of a service, product or similar. Personas are hypothetical, not real, but they represent the requirements, needs, wishes and aspirations of real people or a group. Personas can inform and inspire the designers and developers of a service, such as GUIDed. Our personas help the GUIDed team in creating a good user experience for our primary, secondary and tertiary end users.

Scenarios are verbal descriptions of a phenomenon, sequence of events, or a situation. Scenarios are typically based on certain assumptions and variables. In the GUIDed scenarios, we present our personas “in action” in order to provide additional information about the planned GUIDed services and the uses of these.

Below, please find examples of the GUIDed personas and scenarios from each participant country.