Competence network information technology to promote the integration of people with disabilities

The aim of the KI-I is to improve the life situation of people with disabilities and aged people by using ICT. The KI-I is a turntable and innovation stock exchange in this area. The KI-I builds a bridge between fundamental research, application and teaching. It offers institutions and companies support in executing projects in the area of ICT to support the social and professional integration of people with disabilities. The KI-I is and was involved in and coordinator of different research projects on regional, national and European level. Through these involvements the KI-I has accumulated experience and knowledge in quite a number of research areas. Most relevant for the GUIDed project are the KI-I’s vast experience in software engineering and accessible user interfaces, as well as extensive knowledge of the AsTeRICS system (result of an FP7 Project coordinated by KI-I) In addition, the network structure of the KI-I ensures access to a wide range of knowledge, know-how and expertise.

KI-I is an independent institution that was founded in 2003. Its personnel has long-time experience in technology for people with disabilities and older adults. Furthermore KI-I also employs researchers with disabilities, which automatically brings a broader understanding of user needs into the organisation.

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Contact person

Name: Stefan Parker
Phone: +43-732 24 68 3773

Platus Learning Systems GmbH

Platus Learning Systems GmbH is an Austrian company which helps and support people with handicaps. The core competence of Platus is consulting. The company is not limited to the distribution of aids for people with special needs, because the best tool is useless if it does not fit correctly.

Currently Platus has the following product segments:

  • Communication devices
  • Eye tracking systems
  • Environment control
  • Special wheelchair controls

In GUIDed, Platus is responsible for the route to market and the distribution of the product.

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Contact person:

Name: Daniel Sturmair
Phone: +43-676 84 00 26 126