Work packages

The GUIDed project is composed of five work packages. These are:

WP1 Project management and scientific coordination
This work package focuses on project coordination, aiming at accomplishing all strategic targets of the project. Its activities ensure management and coordination of tha research and development work, definition of the quality qontrol and assurance plan, reporting on project progress as well as management of all financial and administrative tasks of the project.

WP2 End-user involvement and experimental evaluation
This work package defines the process and procedures for the recruitment and continuous involvement of older adults as well as secondary and tertiary beneficiaries in the project activities, especially evaluation. This includes also establishing a consortium ethics board to monitor compliance with national and European rules and regulations.

WP3 Smart kit assembly and platform development
This work package is about development, integration and optimisation of the GUIDed platform, including assembly of the hardware devices to create the smart kit itself, adaptation of existing services and development of extra services that will form the middleware, software platform integration to ensure that services are fully deployable and operational on the end user’s device, and finally platform optimisation.

WP4 Scenarios and demonstrators
This work package will define the scenarios based on the needs and wishes of the end-users. Furthermore, it will perform the platform setup, test that the services are fully operational, resolve issues faced during the tests in older adults’ home sand, finally, educate and train the end-users on how to adopt and use the services for their wellbeing.

WP5 Dissemination, outreach activities and commercialisation plan
This work package implements the dissemination and outreach plans of the project. It defines communication channels for the diffusion of the project’s results at local and international levels, as well as defines a commercialisation and sustainability plan for the GUIDed product, including assessment and analysis of the dynamics for its commercial exploitation.