Primary end-users

Primary end-users are older adults living independently in their own homes. The goal of teh GUIDed project is to offer them easy-to-use assisted-living solutions and services to make their lives at home easier, safer, to improve their social connectedness with family and friends, to improve their health by self-managed monitoring services or services offered by their health and social care professionals.

Other strictly related and not less important aims are to reduce technophobia and to support and motivate older adults to adopt smart-health and assisted-living home products. It is expected that reaching these goals will lead to older adults living longer and safer independently with a good quality of life.

Senior woman using a tablet application outdoors.
Primary end-users will be involved in the GUIDed project from the commencement of the project until the end. They will be deeply involved in the definition of end-user requirements as well as in the testign and evaluation of the outcoming services.