Expert panel / Advisory board

The Expert panel of the GUIDed project acted both as an advisory body and as a dissemination opportunity.


A video of the interview session of Mr. Moudouros is avilable here:


Summary of observations and recommendations, provided by Mr. Arthur Reinertsen:


  • All services may be relevant for Norway.


  • Take competitors into account (e.g., big players like Google and Apple). How do we differentiate from them?
  • Provide one GUIDed app which could replace many, if possible. Integrate with other equipment than the ones selected for the project phase.
  • Simplification of HCI and functions, provide access to the most used and useful functions only.
  • Add some services to make GUIDed more sellable, e.g., order food (add link to good providers of groceries), order medicines from pharmacy, other services which may be of interest to elderly.
  • Find a niche, not try to be everything for everyone.
Video image meeting with expert
A screenshot of the expert meeting with Mr. Arthur Reinertsen.