Business and service models

In the GUIDed project, we will create a lifestyle product. The target group older adults should get as much help as we can offer by technology, and to keep it as simple as possible. The goal to assist the end users through minimal user interaction in daily life activities. We have described the services in the section service models.

Right now, we are searching for early users who are interested to receive information from the project, and who have the possibility to become early GUIDed testers during the middle of next year (2021). At the end of this page, you will find a contact form. Please fill it out, and we will register your interest.

Our plan is to offer our GUIDed services as a fremium model. This means: that you will get 2 GUIDed services for free. The GUIDed app will be available in Google Play. After the download, you can use the services Smart navigation and Smart communication for free.

For the other 3 GUIDed services Smart health, Smart home, and Smart safety, we plan a monthly fee for the usage. Especially for the Smart home and the Smart safety, we will use common low price hardware which is already available on the consumer market.