The project aims to assist older adults in living independently, being active and feeling safe for longer. GUIDed will provide a user-friendly, multimodular system aiming to assist older adults in their everyday life.

GUIDed will offer the end-users the possibility for smart control of different devices, monitoring and automatic adjustment of home conditions and emergency contact with their family members. Older users will be guided by an AR (Augmented Reality) Training Expert who will coach and assist them in using the technology and navigating through the system platform.

The project will integrate existing open source technologies, platforms and tools, as well as assemble a smart AR-enabled platform to offer a set of simple plug-and-play-based services for assisted-living.

Real end-users including primary (older adults), secondary (family members, healthcare professionals and network) and tertiary (i.e., care organisations) users will be involved throughout the project and assist in the system design, integration, testing and evaluation.

The Augmented Reality Training Expert will be designed in such a manner that it will be intuitive to use while, at the same tim,e it will tackle cognitive decline and forgetfulness. Prior to using the Augmented Reality Training Expert, older adults will have a one-to-one training session with the respective end-user organisation, and will be subsequently supported when in need with regular check-ups.